Diet Tips to Help You Lose Weight Effectively

We’re living in a society where everyone is looking for quick diet tips. “Give me something to lose weight with minimal demand”.

The truth is that there are some ideas that really work, however they will work much better if they are incorporated with proper diet and nutrition and a balanced lifestyle.

Time to lose weight
Here are Some of the Great Diet Tips which Help You to Lose Weight Effectively:

  1. The Fit for Life Diet: which is based on the principles of food combining. Based on the principles set forth originally by the famous naturalist Dr. Herbert Shelton, one is to eat proteins and carbohydrates at separate meals.

    Each meal should contain abundant vegetables. See the Suzanne Somers Diet which is based on this principle as well. You will get many diet tips from

    Except for eating only fruits in the morning, the basic laws of food combining can be extremely effective in helping you shed those pounds.

  2. Atkins Diet: This approach has proven itself over and over again helping people consistently lose weight by totally abolishing carbs, including complex carbohydrates.

    According to Atkins, vegetables are adequate your carbohydrates intake, and will not cause weight gain.

  3. Calorie Restriction Diet: If you were to restrict your daily calories, you will most likely lose weight. The key is to do this wisely.

    Don’t rush. I’ve seen people lose weight quite effectively by starting out at 2300 calories a day, and each week or two, they would lower the calorie intake to 1600 calories.

    They suffered no side effects, no hunger and no cravings. They just continued to lose weight until they reached their goals (1).

  4. Independent of which diet you are on, stick to it. I have seen people do diets on a two week rotational basis. Either they would get tired of their present diet, or would run into a snag, such as cravings, and they would break the diet and try another one.

    This “yo yo” approach to dieting will never work. Pick a diet and make it work for you. Fix the holes, and create a balance. True, some diets may work better than others, but you can find the one that has given you the most results, and stick to it.

  5. Gymnema: Gymnema has always worked for my clients to break their cravings. Take one or two gymnema tablets at each meal to help balance your blood sugar (2).
  6. Antioxidants: Acai and goji berries make a perfect balance to help you with your weight loss. They help balance your blood sugar, as well as detoxify your body from years of toxic buildup and eating all the wrong “junk” foods.
  7. Water: Hydrating your body continues to detoxify as well as curb your appetite (3). Especially if the water itself is more alkaline such as in Liquid Coral Water. An alkaline body helps to flush out the excess toxins, so make sure to drink plenty of water!
  8. Homeopathic Growth Hormone: (over the counter, and not the kind of growth hormone taken by baseball players) can do wonders for increasing your metabolism and helping you lose weight.
  9. Exercise: Make sure to get enough daily exercise! Exercise works best in the mornings or afternoons.

    Aerobic exercise can pick up your metabolism, so if you exercise at night and then go to sleep, you will not get all the benefits of the increased metabolism.

Pick for yourself which of these diet tips work best for you.