Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

The Vegetarian Diet ranks as perhaps the oldest of all specialty diets.

Some people turn to vegetarian diets because of religious or philosophical beliefs, while others shun meats for fear of heart disease or to avoid the supposedly “bad” saturated fats found in animal foods.

To me, the chief benefit of the diet is that with its focus on fruits and veggies and its avoidance of junk food, it decreases the toxic burden on the body.

It is of tremendous value as a short-term cleansing diet.

My family and I were on this diet for a number of years and I totally agree with its value as a short-term diet.

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Diet: Best Diet

Sticking to a raw diet for a few days can help in improving one’s metabolism,” says Suman Agarwal, nutritionist and founder of Self care, Mumbai. However, going on a raw food diet for long can have negative implications too.

It can cause bacterial infections, bloating, flatulence, stomach irritation, skin infections, warns Agarwal. Also, some foods are not only absorbed better when cooked but are also more nutritious. It is best to eat a balanced meal with a fresh salad and fruits, along with cooked foods.

Variations of the vegetarian-diet include the fruitarian diet (no definition needed) and the popular Hallelujah and Genesis diets based on God’s early instructions to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to eat only grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

Vegetarianism has the appearance of a great lifestyle. To clarify terminology, while all vegetarians avoid meat, fish, and fowl, lacto-ovo-vegetarians add dairy and eggs, and lactovegetarians say yes to dairy but no to eggs.

Vegans usually consider themselves purists because they won’t eat any animal products.

Their motto is “never to eat anything that has or comes from something that has a face.(Many won’t even eat honey because honey is produced by bees.)

Pure vegetarianism plays into all the food phobias prevalent in our very phobic society.

It attributes virtually every problem of humanity to the consumption of meat, animal fat, and animal products (and to those who provide them).

Food Nutrition Facts

The purist diet is totally unsuitable for a long-term diet, however, because it deprives the body of essential nutrients available only from meat and animal products.

Food nutrition facts do let us know that these nutritional deficiencies pose potentially deadly consequences to long-term health.

Vegans can not get the important vitamin B12 simply because it can only be found in animal products, especially eggs, fish, red meat and organ meats. Besides anemia, a deficiency in vitamin B12 can cause fatigue and neurological disorders.

Many may not agree with this but the fact remains that the longest-lived peoples on earth have all been meat-eaters.